West Valley City School Summer Project
What a turn out this year!! We changed it up a bit this summer and collected items for City School by turning it into a healthy competition! We had 2 teams! “The Kansas Gary Royals” lead by Pastor Gary VS “The Saint Travis Cardinals” Lead by Travis Lee! Our goal was to see which teams brought in the most items. Located at the front of the sanctuary was the Baseball Field. The field was covered in each of the teams baseballs. The balls had the needed items located on the back. The Congregation chose a ball off the field and return the purchased items to the designated dugouts “tables” in the back of the sanctuary. These items were totaled for the past 9 weeks and a winner was determined. Our goal was to reach 500 items total. In the end we had a grand total of 1,631 items donated!! We were able to fulfill every item on the teachers lists including 2 air conditioners! It was by far the best year we have ever had!! The winner of the competition was The Kansas Gary Royals with 869 items, leaving the St. Travis Cardinals in the dust with 762 items. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out and supported this mission project! We truly are thankful for your support in helping the community around us!